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Ginny Yurich

1000 hours outside

Tom Piccirilli

Emotional regulation and connecting through play from a dad’s perspective

Denaye Barahona

Embracing simplicity for richer play

Dr. Kailee Noland

Milestones and play after the first steps

Jennifer Anderson

Putting the fun back into feeding your toddler

Rae Pica

Giving your child a running start in life

Adam Griffin

Supporting fine motor skills through play

Laura Brown

Playing your way to the first 50 words

Joy Marilie Jackson

Infusing music and sound exploration into our home 

Dr. Brenna Hicks

Anxiety & overscheduling: What happens when we take play out of childhood

Marlene Spence 

Simple routines to prevent tantrums and diffuse power struggles

Tosha Schore

Wild Play with our sweet boys

Grace Bernales

Supporting speech & language development through play

Dr Jenny Rose

Siblings and play: building strong bonds

Lelia Schott 

Transforming power struggles with Playful Parenting

Dr. Amy Webb

Viewing toddler behaviour and play through the lense of temperament

Andrea Davis

Setting up a good foundation for healthy screen families in the little years

Teva Johnstone

Neurodiversity and play

Holly Daniel

Montessori materials

Sivanne Lieber

Investing in deep play in the little years

Sami Carrick M.Ed

Reading with toddlers: a whole child approach to early literacy

Carine Robin

Getting to the heart of montessori at home

Kaila Diaz

Supporting bilingual language development through play

Anandé Ferreira 

Investing in deep play in the little years

Hila Bahari

Organizing a play space that invites play 

Holly Peretz

Process art for toddlers

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Absolutely. The Conference brings together a huge diversity of different professions and opens up deep insight and research around early child development. I am confident that educators, therapist, and those working with young children will benefit greatly from this perspective on play and early childhood development. 

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