Toddler Play Conference

rediscover the wonder of the little years

April 22- 26 2021

5 days

30 + Expert Speakers

Entirely online


“Thank you so much for this conference. I gained so much confidence in what I’m doing and can do with my children. I have two littles under two and our youngest was born during the pandemic which has made play and family adjustments so challenging. I really have to capture the time I have with my toddler when I get it and now I feel like I have way more tools in my toolbox. The conference was well organized and easy to access. The variety of speakers was fantastic and I loved the inclusion of their own “mom” experiences. I can’t thank you enough!”

Trish, mom of 2

You longed for these little years but now you can't shake the feeling that you are not doing enough

Feeling unsure of yourself?

You want to give your kid the best start in life but it is so hard to sift through all the voices on how to do that


Slogging through each day in a haze and feeling like you will wake up and have missed the little years


Like if you could only have a moment to yourself, you would be able to show up for your kiddo in the way that you want.

Imagine what it would be like to

Curate play spaces that invite DEEP, INDEPENDENT PLAY

Have proven strategies for supporting YOUR TODDLER'S DEVELOPMENT

FEEL CONNECTED to your kiddo instead of resentful

Join us in rediscovering the wonder of the little years

Be empowered by this team of experts

Mandisa Watts

Spring themed sensory bins

Dr. Cindy Hovington

How to empower littles to play independently 

Ashley, Hapa Family vlog

Curating a montessori shelf that invites play

Dr. An Louise Lockart

Play as a powerful tool for connection and emotional regulation

Anandé Ferreira 

Understanding children’s play preferences with a sensory processing lense

Junnifa Uzodike 

Embracing montessori in the home

Kim John Payne

The overwhelm of boys

Tots on Target

The powerful role of movement in the little years

Heather Greutman

Fine motor development in the early years

Saranya Raghavan

Instilling a love for reading one book at a time

Yasmeen Sallam

Growing creative kids useing loose parts play

Emily Cohen

Play and speech development for toddlers

Dr. Kailee Noland

Toy rotation to uplevel independent play

Amirra Johnson

Sensory development and Early Intervention for toddlers

Beverly Beck

Spring inspired art play for littles

Holly Peretz

Inviting our children into play

The Childhood Collective

Play that builds the brain 

Walk Talk Play

Choosing the best toys for developing kids

Alene Villaneda

Primitive reflexes: a powerful cornerstone for early childhood development

Mama Psychologists

Small, intentional steps towards feeling like playful parent in the little years

Sarah R. Moore

Playful parenting

Karen Lock Kolp

Setting realistic expectations on ourselves as parents

Maria Yakimchuk

Social development and play

Crystal, a playful day

Using nature’s treasures in open ended play

Suchot Sunday

Managing toy clutter

Grace Wong

Raising bilingual kids and play

Danielle LaFee

Play and the development of personality for toddlers

Suzanne Tucker 

Soft toys for play and emotional development 

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Meet the hostess

Wasn't Play Supposed to be the easy, joyful part of raising small humans?

Hi, I’m Holly and I am your hostess for the Reignite Toddler Play Conference. I am a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and mom two sweet (and very active) toddlers. 

After working in clinical practice for over 10 years and raising my own small humans I am more convinced than ever that play is the most undervalued and misunderstood tool in our parenting toolbox. 

Childhood development in the early years is critical in establishing a firm foundation to become a responsible, healthy and kind adult. The way we mothers structure our toddlers days (from what toys they play with, to how we act to co-regulate their emotions) become the building blocks for their development. 

5 days of real-mama tools for understanding what your small human is learning in the toddler years

The FREE conference will be held online from 22 - 26 April 2021.

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