When I graduated with a BSc (Occupational Therapy) from the University of Cape Town back in 2009 I knew that I had stepped into a really dynamic profession.

However, now on the other side of 14 years of practice, an international move with re-accreditation as an OT, and a growing online platform- I can honestly say that being an OT is a huge part of who I am.  

I believe that working with children and families is a huge privilege and that as clinicians we hold a tremendous influence over the world that our children grow up in. 

The current focus of my work online is to support clinicians and professionals working with kids to take hold of that influence through the Precision CPD platform for 

On-demand accredited professional development that is accessible and affordable.

Holly Peretz OT brands

Some online work highlights: 

  • The launch of Precision CPD an online, on-demand accredited learning platform for professionals working with kids. 
  • Holly Peretz is an AOTA-approved provider.
  • Course creator for Motherly one of the biggest online publications for parents, as well as being on MomJunction review board. 
  • Featured as an expert speaker in many summits as well as online platforms like baby center, the Wall Street Journal, mom.net and many more. (see below)
  • I have had nearly 30000 parents, educators and therapists come through the online events that I run (Toddler Play Conference and the Thriving in the First Year Summit)  
  • 100s of parents served by my online membership community called Playful Pod.  
  • I have had the privilege of collaborating with close to 200 other experts and content creators within the early childhood care and education niche. 

Some clinical work highlights: 

  • Worked in various special education and inclusive schools, preschools, hydrotherapy, NGOs as well as pediatric acute hospital settings. 
  • Gained valuable experience in pediatric health care, child development, and various disabilities and conditions with a special focus on Autism. 
  • Designed and developed a therapy gym, sensory room, therapy protocols, and training therapy and education staff regularly. 
  • Experience in using creative play invitations to engage children in therapy as well as child-led play. 
  • Experience working with various other allied health professionals in consultation, group therapy, and team structures.

Holly Peretz OT, has been featured as an expert in the wall street journal, motherly, baby centre, the mom well podcast and more

Holly Peretz has been Featured in: 

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