Floral and Fawna

Floral and Fawna Co. are Earth Friendly toys for small hands.

We Create dollhouse sized critters that are designed for open ended play.

Spirit Filled Play Kits

A mom run business that provides monthly subscription or one time play kits inspired by all the things that children love. 

OT Park

An Occupational therapist designed Subscription box for kids from birth-3 years of age OT Park box contains developmentally correct skilled activities related information and high quality materials all in one place designed by an Occupational Therapist.

Each box focuses your child’s overall physical, psychological & cognitive growth. OT Park included a mixture of activities that focus on skills such as Gross motor, Fine Motor, Sensory Processing, Social and communication Skills, Cognitive and activities of daily living skills.

As a mother herself, Dr. Hiral Khatri knows just what busy parents need and she’s created an OT Park Box just for your kid. What’s more, each box includes a handy activity guide jam packed with developmental information and activity extensions that will help each OT Park Box activity fit seamlessly into your daily life. This boxes are delivered every month to your doorstep. Categories: 0-6 Months Box 6-12 Months Box 12-18 Months Box 18-24 Months Box 2-2.5 Years Box 2.5-3 Years Box You can select 4 different plans:


  What You Will Get: – Pediatric expert curated 16 different activities (7 activities under 1 year boxes).

– Activity Materials (high quality and 90% hand-picked and OTPark Designed)

– 1 reading book (OT park strongly believes in magic of reading!)

– 1 Activity Guide is included in every box. This Activity booklet guides you about every activity from the box and provides answers to your “how-to” and “why-to” questions.

The Naturalist & Co.

Simple toys to spark imagination. 

The Naturalist & Co. stock beautifully handmade  play silks and other products for mum and child. 

Purposeful Toys

Rylee the owner and founder of Purposeful toys has a degree in child development, taught preschool for 5+ years and is now a stay at home mom to three girls ages 6, 4 and 3.

She shares on instagram and on her blog ways to extend learning through play.


She loves hands on learning opportunities and my small shop is focused around play based learning.

Each month new sensory kits are released with different themes. Rylee provides activity ideas and ways to extend learning through play with these kits on her site and social media pages


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